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    The weirdest thing happened yesterday, and I am dying for an explanation.

    My partner is driving, I'm navigating with google maps on an adroid phone. The speech language is set to German, I translate to English for my partner. At one point I say, "straight, straight, straight" (I meant, it will be a while till we have to turn).

    We drive on for about a minute, when suddenly my phone says, "straight, straight, straight" - and not in my voice.

    My partner confirms having heard it. When it happened, I was just switching apps, I guess to look someting up. We think the voice was the one used by my google maps, but speaking English instead of German. We can't be sure about the voice, as neither of us direcly reacted to the event in any way, we just spoke about it a few minutes later when we remembered it, and it was not easy to pinpoint the voice at that point.

    My explanation for our non-reaction, btw, is that the incident was just too unexpected, so we did not process it correctly.

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